Mock Project: BAI Pocket Portfolio App


Project Overview:

To create a simple and easily accessible pocket portfolio app for Blumlein Associates partners’ personal use on the go, to show existing and potential clients their work.

We were limited to a 4 week timeline to complete this project. We conducted user research and several rounds of user testing before producing a hi-fidelity prototype for development and further testing.


This project was completed by a team of five designers.

My role: research and design.



Problem Statement

How should we provide Blumlein with an easily downloadable mobile portfolio they can build and update themselves in order to showcase their projects.


We decided to provide a clean and simple layout for the client’s pocket portfolio with the ability to quickly navigate from the home page to a specific project category. The full-screen project picture view is the main feature of the app.


High fidelity prototype for the mobile app based on research outcomes, ideation, and testing.




We started our research by conducting a SWOT Analysis of BAI’s closest competitors.

Next, we conducted a behavioral analysis to delve deeper into our users psychology and identify patterns of mobile usage.


User Survey

Next, we compiled a User Survey geared toward design industry professionals to understand how they view other creative professionals work and what motivates them to feel inspired by when viewing others portfolios.


Survey and User Interview takeaways:

•Users want even larger and higher-quality images

•Users wanted to connect a face to a name when viewing a portfolio

•The quality of Design is most important




Ideation: Persona



User Journey: Chloe White




User Stories




User Flow





Mood Board





Visual Guide in Figma




Design and Testing:  


Lo-Fi Prototype in Figma

Mid-Fi Prototype in Figma




Design and Testing:  

Hi-Fi Prototype in Figma 



Refined Problem Statement

How do we produce the joint goal of having potential clients download the app to view BAI Designs work, as well as creating a quick tool for Chris and Claudia to show potential clients their work easily on the go.

Next Steps

Having delivered a viable clickable prototype to Blumlein, our User Research suggested the next step is to increase BAI’S social media presence using instagram and other social media platforms.