Mock Project: Amazon Prime Video Re-Design


Project Overview:

Re-design an area of the Amazon Prime website 

The User Research Study suggested there were many existing usability and accessibility issues on the platform.


This project was completed by a team of five designers.

My role: research and design.



Problem Statement

How can we minimize confusion and create better layout for Prime Video users, so they can easily access more relevant and organized search results in order to create a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.


  • Create a standalone website with an intuitive search function
  • Give users an easy way filter content
  • Give users an easy way to sort content
  • Give users control to customize their search and filter results

Heuristic Analysis Findings

  • Search bar is not fixed on top of the screen, as you scroll down it disappears
  • Categories are confusing and redundant
  • Lack of control to refine results of recommended content
  • Not enough white space for the mouse to rest on, triggering the autoplay of content




Behavioral Analysis and SWOT Analysis of Prime Video’s top competitors, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.

2 surveys were conducted to gather crucial data from users.




Affinity Map identifies Users Pain Points 



Ideation: Persona



User Journey: Kara Parker




User Stories




User Flow





Mood Board





 Visual Guide in Figma 




Design and Testing:  


Lo-Fi Prototype in Figma

Mid-Fi Prototype in Figma




Design and Testing:  

 Hi-Fi Prototype in Figma